What are Mesh Coils?

What are Mesh Coils?

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Majority of Mesh coils are a strip of metal with holes in them, this will maximise the area of the coil and will create a flat design to minimise the volume. 

Mesh coils are slowly taking over the market, this is due to maximizing the surface area being heated up and you will then get the best flavour possible. With mesh coils you will notice they last longer this is due to the heat heating all around the coil on the strip with standard coils they sometimes heat up one area which can lead to burning. Some vapours say that their mesh coils have lasted them over a month. 

Big companies such as Smok, Freemax, Uwell begun developing their own mesh and "Strip" coils for most of their tanks and kits. Mesh will look like smooth fabric this is due to being tightly woven, with strip coils these are simlar to mesh however these are strips of metal with holes punched into to create the mesh style strips. This helps the coil heat up more precisely and means your e-liquid will get evenly vaporised and the cotton will burn slowler. 


Pros to Mesh Coils
  • Longer Lasting Coils (Depending on the juice you use)
  • More Flavour Production
  • More Cloud Production
  • Run at a lower Wattage helping you save your battery life.
Cons to Mesh Coils
  • Not avaliable for most older tanks; if this is the case you may need to purchase an updated tank.
  • Usually Mesh Coils are much lower wattages than standard coils.
  • Mesh Coils wont get as hot as regular coils if you like a warm vape running on a higher wattage this may not be for you 


How do i prime my Mesh Coil
  • Screw your coil into your device (Making sure your device is switched off)
  • Drip a slight bit of liquid onto the side holes of the coils (the cotton) and then drip a small amount into the middle.
  • Put your tank back together and allow the liquid to soak further for 10 minutes.
  • Take five pulls on the tank without pushing any button to pull the liquid through to the coil 
  • Switch on your device, turn down the wattage on your mod starting from the lowest and gradually build up the the wattage recommended on the coil. 

Please note if your device does not have adjustable wattage then allow your tank to soak the liquid for a futher five minutes and take ten draws without pushing the button to draw the liquid through. 


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