How much Nicotine should I be using?

How much Nicotine should I be using?

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Some vapers go to low not allowing enough nicotine according to how much they smoke, then they begin to crave for a cigarette and end up ditching the vape machine.

Choosing the correct nicotine strength isn’t difficult. All you need to do is a little research and maybe a trial and error.  

Nicotine can also be very helpful in e-cigarettes, allowing many smokers to wean themselves off the nicotine gradually.

What Nicotine Level should I use in my Classic Starter Kit?

If you are a light smoker and you smoke around 1-10 cigarettes per day then we would recommend starting on 3mg – 6mg nicotine strength, usually 6mg is more popular. If you feel that this is still not strong enough there is no harm in going up a strength.

If you feel that you a moderate smoker and smoke between 11 – 20 cigarettes a day then we would recommend using between 6mg – 12mg. Most smokers usually would go to 12mg in this case due to you getting a stronger hit, for some people going to a low strength is pointless as you will end up using your vape all day long and your battery and your e-liquid will go extremely fast.

If you are a heavy smoker and smoke between 21 – 40 Cigarettes day, we would highly recommend using 18mg. Once again if you feel that this is too strong or too week no harm to go up or down.

For heavy smokers who smoke about 40 a day, firstly we highly recommend vaping as this will give you a huge health difference and will help keep the cost down on the stinkys. We would recommend using 20mg Nic salt e-liquid. Most customers would prefer Nic salt over standard nicotine as they feel that Nic Salt gives you the satisfaction hit of smoking without it burning your throat.

We would recommend this liquid with a more powerful mod such as Zelos Mod or X30 Rover this is due to you being able to adjust the wattage making it stronger and weaker.

What Nicotine Level should I use in my sub ohm device?

Sub ohm vapers would usually use Nicotine between 3mg – 6mg, 3mg is our best-selling nicotine for sub ohm vapers. Although this may sound less but do not forget the amount of clouds you will be taking in comparison to the Classic Starter Kits. Some replace the Nicotine with the amount of vapour. However, the amount of clouds this will produce will also make your e-liquid burn down quicker.

Do not forget that Sub Ohm vaping is much more advanced than Classic Starter Kits, so we always recommend doing your research before moving onto them. You can always pop into store to try these machines and see if this is right for you.


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