Battery Safety and Charging Guide

Battery Safety and Charging Guide

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Charging your Batteries 

Most vaping users have the same issue with misunderstanding that leaving your batteries to charge for long amount of hours and some even over night this will prolong the length of time they are able to power your vape machine. Overcharging your batteries may even damage your batteries over time. 

Majorty of vaping devices all come with a simple light system telling you when the battery is fully chargered and when it needs charging. Usually a green light indicates that the battery is fully charged and ready to go. When the battery colour is showing Red this usually means that the battery has died. 

The best thing to do when charging is to keep them in a place where you are able to keep track of the batteries and monitor the progess of the charging. This is better rather than leaving them over night or unattended. 

We personally recommend using a high quality charging device from a reputable manufacturer, you can view these models under Batteries and Chargers  on our website.

We recommend if using exterinal batteries to always use a battery charger not only do these charge the batteries faster but this also protects and is the safest way to charge your batteries. By using a battery charger you can get spare batteries so your vape never dies. If you are struggling to find a decent Battery charger we highly recommend Nitecore chargers as they specialise in charging external batteries. 

Do Not Leave Batteries in Extreme Temperatures 

You should never leave your batteries in extreme heat or extreme cold. Always keep your batteries out of direct sunlight and never leave it on the dashboard of your car neither the seat of your car. Extream Heat or Cold can disrupt the chemical composition of your batteries and implicates their performance and saftey. 

How do i store my Batteries?

We recommend always storing your batteries in a battery case made of plastic or silcone. This will protect the batteries from touching any other metals such as keys. Not only will this cause the batteries to drain extremely quickly, but it will also generate heat which could turn into a saftey risk. 

What is required in a battery?

With the batteries we stock they are all perfectly legal to sell, providing there is some specific information on them. This information needs to be indelible and thus cant be simply a sticker, but must be permanetly printed on the outside. 

  • Chemistry of the Cell
  • Capacity of the Cell 
  • Postive and Negative =/- (Polarity) Symbols 
  • The WEEE Symbol 

If you find that you have purchased some batteries which do not meet the above requirments we recommend upgrading your batteries. We highly recommend Sony Batteries. 

You must keep an eye on your batteries making sure your batteries do not appear to be leaking, discoloured, rusty, deformed emit an dour or any otherwise adnormal. 



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