Zeus Juice Dimpleberry Review

Zeus Juice Dimpleberry Review


Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, a Mixture of Fruits, Aniseed, Menthol and eucalyptus. this flavour is a one in a million taste, it is brewed to perfection and provides the most amazing after taste. This is the kind of flavour you can use time and time again and it will never get old! I know not many people enjoy such an icy cooling type of liquid, but this can’t be argued with. The liquid is a blue colour which makes it extra enjoyable to vape!

There are many flavours like this which don't come near to the taste of this one! you defiantly won’t be disappointed with this juice. The most important aspect of this E-Liquid is that it isn't overly powerful with aniseed, it is very balanced when it comes to the flavours inside which gives it a more equal enjoyable vape. 

In terms of how long they make the coils last, I don't have any problems with them burning them out at a fast rate like most sweet juices do... even if you prefer more clouds to flavour, having a long draw on this liquid more than short favourable draws it will still last you ages with whatever coil you are using as long as it is high enough in wattage to do so. if you are using this in your small vape pen it isn't designed for this ratio of VG/PG as it is 70/30 which means it needs to be run in a sub-ohm tank/kit. 


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