Smok Scar Mini Review

Smok Scar Mini Review


Today we will be taking a deeper dive into the Smok Scar Mini Kit. Smok are one of the biggest companies in the vape market and have lots of kits for all types of users. The Scar mini is for someone looking for a small single 18650 battery kit but still wants big clouds and great flavour.

Smok first started in 2010 SMOK products are enjoyed by over 80 million consumers worldwide, making SMOK a first-class global brand in the electronic cigarette industry in just 11 short years.

Smok Scar Mini Review

The SMOK Scar Mini is very similar shape to the Smok AL85, however with a much-updated Chip & new TFV9 Mini Tank this kit Is a great first step into the adjustable wattage sub -ohm Vaping experience. Included in the box is a USB – C Charging cable, Spare coil * Spare set of seals. Everything you would need in order to get started.

Smok Scar Mini Review



Firstly, let’s talk about the new TFV9 Mini Tank. SMOK have been listening to the customers reviews and updated the filling mechanism with a new leak-Proof top seal, requiring the user to push the bottle nozzle all the way in to fill. Although this takes a little getting used to, it makes your life so much easier if you were to accidently knock over, you’re vape there would be no need to worry.


 The tank now requires a button to be pressed in order to slide it open for re-filling which prevents it being opened in your pocket like the previous TFV8 Baby tank.The Coils have been much improved with the New Mesh TFV9 giving more flavour than the previous TFV8 Baby mesh coils. When testing I got a solid week ½ from one coil with the flavour being persistent the whole way throughout use.

The Scar Mini-Mod is a great improvement on the previous AL85 as mentioned above, with the mod now being rated with IP67 Water & dust resistant. (We do not recommend taking a vape water, but it is ok to wipe it over with a damp cloth in order to clean it).

Although the wattage has been reduced from the previous 85W to 80W I never found myself using above 55W on the included Mesh coils, this helps with my battery life making it last twice as long.

You can adjust the wattage between 1-80W allowing for the user to place any tank on the top. The wattage can be individually locked meaning you can still fire the device without accidently turning the wattage up to 80w, this is feature I believe all vapes should have.

 USB – C Fast charge is a very welcome feature allowing a full charge in around 1:30Hrs which lasted my full working day and a little room to spare. Obviously, battery life is going to vary on a user-by-user basis however the quick charge feature makes a top up charge quick & easy, The only downside I have is the charging port is on the bottom meaning you are unable to sit the device flat on a surface when charging, however this is made up for with the speed of which it charges.

Smok Scar Mini Review


  • IP67 Water & dust resistance mod
  • Great battery life even with a single 18650 Battery
  • Great tank included in the box
  • Multiple coil choices, both mesh and original coils available
  • Clear easy to read & use OLED screen
  • Easy & Leakproof Filling design
  • USB – C quick charging


  • Charging is on the bottom Meaning it has to be laid down to charge with USB
  • It would be nice to see 100w on a single battery as most manufactures are now implementing
  • 21700 Battery would be more useful 


Paired together in the box, the kit is a small, light and easy to use sub-ohm starter kit with adjustable wattage, an interchangeable battery with great battery life (which is great when you have a spare fully charged one just unscrew the battery cap, replace and away you go again), a tank that gives consistent great flavour & clouds and a all-in-all great kit. The backwards coil compatibility is a good feature for even more coil choice within the end users needs. I would highly recommend this kit for someone who wants something that is small, light, interchangeable battery & easy to use whilst not breaking the bank.


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